How often dog needs a bathe?

How often dog needs a bathe?

We humans prefer to bath or shower everyday and keep on wondering whether our pooch also needs a daily bathe for hygiene or to be cleaner. The answer to this question is very simple. IT DEPENDS!! Some dogs rarely needs a bath time while others need it frequently. It is also advised that if your dog does not have any skin problems or smelling, there is no specific requirement to bathe the dog apart from to make him a more pleasant friend. However, it is important to note that if your pooch needs regular bathing a gentle skin sensitive shampoo to be used to prevent over drying of coat.

Below are some points to help you out on how many times to bathe a dog?

Coat Type:

Dogs with different coat types require different frequency of bathing. Dog breeds like Siberian huskies and shepherds which have layered coat and shed heavily only need around three baths per year while silky single-coated dogs like Shih Tzu can be bathed on monthly basis. Also, long-haired dog breeds can pick up lots of odors and debris due to their hair length, thus require more frequent grooming and bathing to avoid coat matting and skin irritation. On the other hand, shorter haired dogs generally have a lower bath frequency.

Dog Habits and Lifestyle:

Dog’s habit and lifestyle are one of the important factors in determining their bathing frequency. For example if your furry friend like to sleep in your bed or spends a lot of his time in your living room, you will want to give him bathe more frequently. Also, if your dog has a tendency to get into food-related mess or into mud a frequent bathe would be required.

Skin Condition:

Dogs which have skin allergies or rashes may require more regular baths to keep their skin clean and help it heal. Also, in case your veterinarian has suggested you to use a medicated shampoo for your pooch, than you’ll have to follow the instructions labeled on it. Dogs with environment triggered allergies may also benefit by regular rinsing after being outside. Also, the dogs which are allergic to pollens or dust, a quick bathe may help remove these allergens from their coat and help prevent allergies to grow further.

At the end, it is purely depends on you how often you want to bathe your dog keeping in mind their skin, hair or other requirements.

How often dog needs a bathe

Some of the unwarranted effects of frequent bathing

If you bathe your dog more frequently than recommended, the dog may develop these below problems:

  • Frequent bathing may curtail production of essential oil in the skin of dog leading to dryness.

  • Dullness in coat due to lack in production of essential oils.

  • Essential oil also has a protective role and lack of it may lead the skin more prone to infections.How often dog needs a bathe tips

Quick Tips to wash your dog: How to bathe a dog?

  1. Start from the young age and try to make it a positive and fun activity for the dog. This is how your dog would get used to the process.

  2. Select a location for the dog-wash depending on the breed size and time of year. Puppies can be bathed in sink or a washtub while you need a bathtub or hosepipe for a large dog breeds.

  3. Make sure to put some anti-slip mat at the dog-wash location to prevent your dog slipping all over the place.

  4. Keep all the things handy– dog shampoo, his towel, and a tub or bucket a bucket.

  5. Always use a shampoo suggested by veterinarian specifically for your dog, and if possible use a tearless shampoo.

  6. Avoid water or soap entering in your dog’s eyes and ears.

  7. Wash your dog’s head at the last – this will decrease his desire to shake during bathe.

  8. Clean the eyes by wiping off any debris

  9. Rinse thoroughly.

  10. Try to keep your dog inside after bathe during the winter season. You can use a blow dryer to speed things along.

  11. A long hair dog would need brushing while drying.

  12. A dog would shake less if you hold his head, also putting a towel over your dog right after the bathe can prevent too much water on you and the walls.

  13. Once bathing is done, give him his favorite treat to make bathing a positive activity.

We would also like to suggest you to visit your nearest veterinarian for advice on how often dog needs a bathe and a right shampoo for your dog based on his breed, size, coat and other characteristics.

How often you bathe your dog? Tell us about it in the comments!

We’re always happy to find the solutions for your pet parenting needs. Reach out to us anytime and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. We also welcome you to share your own dog tips and behavior solutions with all the pet parents.

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