Cleaning Your Dog Ears

Cleaning Your Dog Ears

Irrespective of the type of breed, dog ear cleaning is one of the most important activities of the grooming routine. Some of the dog breeds like Basset Hounds, Cocker Spaniels and English Setters are more prone to develop ear infections as their ears trap moisture, but it is also true that all other breeds require an adequate hygiene.

Also, if you take your dog more often to swim make sure to clean out the ears after swimming as the water may stuck inside the ears. It is a well known fact, that dogs just don’t like their ears to be cleaned and it would require a lot of patience and hard work to successfully perform this task.

How to know that your dog has an ear infection?

Have you observed that your dog is dropping its head to one side while walking, rubbing his head on the ground, shaking his head vigorously throughout the day or there is funny odor coming from your dog’s ears?  If your answer is yes than it is quite possible that your dog has some kind of ear infection.

It is important to keep an eye on your dog’s daily behavior and physical health, once you notice any anomaly in behavior look for root cause.  Below are some of the signs of dog’s ear infection:

  • Ear Discharge

  • Bad smell from in and around the ear

  • Redness inside ear canal

  • Over scratching, pawing or rubbing at the ears

  • Dog shows pain when ears are touched.

  • Ear swelling.

how to clean dog ears

Things you need for dog ear cleaning:

There is one important aspect every pet parent should be aware of that dog’s ear structure and skin is different from humans thus it cannot be maintained with the products meant for humans. Below is the list of supplies required for dog ear cleaning:

  • A Collar and Leash to keeping him close.

  • A non slip mat.

  • Cotton Balls

  • Ear Cleaner: After advice from your veterinarian.

  • Dog Treat: To make the ear cleaning exercises a positive experience for dog.

Things to Avoid

The dog’s ears are very sensitive areas, so always be cautious when cleaning them. Below are few mistakes and supplies one can avoid during cleaning:

  • Do not use cotton swabs or any other object that can puncture your dog ear drum.

  • Do not use olive oil, detergent or shampoo, alcohol or peroxide for cleaning.

How to Clean Dog Ears: The Process

Dog ear cleaning is requires a few simple steps and it is quite easy to learn for any dog owner.

  • It is important to calm down our dog before the cleaning procedure.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly to prevent any infection introduced by you.

  • Ensure that you have all the things in place and handy before you start. You may have to start the process of putting your dog in ideal position all over again if you discover midway that you have forgot something.

  • Start from checking out the outer ear first and if you see dirt gently wipe it away using ear cleaner on a cotton balls. Once outer ears are cleaned then slowly work-in the non visible area.

  • Take a new cotton ball wet with cleaner and slowly clean the inside part stopping once you feel that you dog is showing resistance.

  • Once done with both the ears, give your dog his favorite treat.

Your dog will eventually like the ear cleaning process as it comforts him, and it would be a positive experience for him.

Frequency for Ear Cleaning

One should the ear condition at least a week and look for swelling or inflammation, any discharge, bad odor and any sign of pain when the ears are touched. If you do not observe any of the mentioned signs and the ear skin looks healthy and pink, lightly wipe away any loose dirt or wax. It is important to note that as a caring owner you should not try to treat the infection on your own. If your dog ears smell or you see any discharge, consult your nearest veterinarian so that the ear can be properly examined.

What kind of dog ear cleaner you use? Tell us about it in the comments!!

We’re always happy to find the solutions for your pet parenting needs. Reach out to us anytime and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. We also welcome you to share your own dog tips and behavior solutions with all the pet parents.


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