Are you on the quest for best dogs for apartment? Apartment lifestyle can be tough on certain dog breeds that need yards to run and stay active. However, there are many dog breeds which show exceptional versatility in adapting to both indoors and outdoors lifestyle. The best dog breeds for apartment have one most important characteristic that they remain close to their owners and please them. ...

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Let us break this myth at the start that there are no GOOD and BAD dog breeds by default. Yes, the dog breeds can be differentiated based on their physical and behavioral aspects, as originally these breeds have been developed to perform some specific activities like to hunting a rabbit, help in herding the cattle or just to sit in their owners lap. It is also true that some breeds can be more ...

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Gentle Giants! Yes, the dogs with fierce looks, behemoth by size, drool like leaky valve, sheds loads of hair on your carpet and with home shaking bark, but don’t be fooled by their dominating build as these canines make some of the finest pets. It comes as a surprise to many individuals that various large size dogs are actually very calm and gentle who often just want to lay down on your couch....

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About Akita Dog Breed:

If you are sick or having a baby in Japan you won’t get flowers to wish you all the well but you’ll instead receive a tiny Akita statue symbolizing health and wellbeing. In ancient Japan, Akita’s were so highly regarded that only ruling class was allowed to own them and these dogs used to get fancy collars and finest cuisine the royals had to...

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About Pug Dog Breed:

With their comical look, massive head (for its size) with a short, blunt, square-shaped muzzle, pugs have made their way in as one of the most popular dogs for families across the world. Their trademark short muzzle face is awfully cute, but it too comes at a cost, as because of their flat face they often have elongated palate leading to breathing pr...

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About Saint Bernard Dog Breed:

Saint Bernard is a courageous royal dog, known around the world for its valor. So if you want a dog to get yourself attention than you must go for Saint Bernard. When you first look at this dog you may be taken over by its huge size, but the character and soul of these dogs is always gentle. Saint Bernard’s were the original high adventur...

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About English Bulldog Dog Breed:

English Bulldogs are tenacious in temperament and they are so confident more often when they get into situations they try to give it head on. These dogs have lots of power in them and when they want something, they’ll knock everybody in the way to get what they want. The English bulldog is one of the breed which is 100% developed by bre...

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About Labrador Retriever Dog Breed:

Labrador retriever is one of the most versatile dog breed in the world and it is very hard not to fall in love with one. As Labrador belongs to a retriever category it has webbed paws, making them one of the strongest canine swimmers. The other characteristic of this breed is its ‘otter’ like tail which acts like a rudder in the w...

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About Tibetan Mastiff Dog Breed:

Tibetan Mastiffs are considered to be the basic stock from which nearly every in the world have been developed. Tibetan Mastiff is a massive, big, furry dog which can weigh equivalent to 25 Chihuahuas. This breed’s look is just not for show; they are very smart and possess the strength to protect their families and flocks from any outs...

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About Golden Retriever Dog Breed:

Also referred to as “Golden”, the golden retrievers are one of the most beloved dogs. This breed is often ranked very high if not on top, as far as the pet dogs are considered. If you like your dog should be obedient than look no further than a Golden Retriever. The breed was the first ever American Kennel Club’s (AKC) obedience t...

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