About Bull mastiff Dog Breed:

Bull mastiffs are admired as guard dogs;however, it may come as a surprise to you that they are bred not to bite, but would pin their prey down and keep it there, till the time their owners arrive.Many of the diamond mines in South Africa use Bull mastiffs to guard their diamond mines. These massive guard dogs are also know...

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Since ages it has been known that dog is a man’s best friend. And this statement is not based on just some assumptions but has been concluded and derived from solid facts. There have been tons of faithful dog stories where the four-legged animal, while continuously wagging its tail, has not only shown its loyalty and affection towards humans but has proved it too. And this is one such lost dog s...

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About Chow Chow Dog Breed:

Chow Chow is one of the most beautiful and admired dog breeds in the world. They are bonafide head turner, due to their resemblance with lion and bear. Interestingly, this breed also has 44 teeth like a bear, while other dog breeds has 42 teeth.Despite of having cute and cuddling exterior, many Chows have reputation for aggression.This dog bree...

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About Dogo Argentino Dog Breed :

Argentina is famous for personalities like First Lady Eva Peron, Che Guevara and Diego Maradona. However, there is one more personality which is generally unheard of, and Argentina has erected vast number of its statues across the country.Yes !!It is Dogo Argentino, the Agentine Mastiff developed in Argentina. Bred to hunt wild boar, Dog...

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